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Introducing a new Podcast show: "Killing The Zombie: Rise Of The Trailblazers"
What's that?
A new show

In Rise Of The Trailblazers™, Belgian-born lawyer and entrepreneur Francois Paul Lambert dissects how regular individuals, across the world, went from aimless cubicle-employees to successful entrepreneurs, artists, astronauts, adventurers, philanthropists or inventors. They all have one thing in common: one day they decided to follow their dreams and took actions.
Weekly inspiration!

Join Francois and his guests as they share their amazing journey, ideas and tips, with a focus on actionable steps that could inspire you to live the life you were born to live!
About KillingTheZombie™

KillingTheZombie™ promotes the idea that there's more to life than just "playing it safe," crippled behind a desk or aching in a factory's assembly line, producing paper [waste] or screwing bolts [robots can do it] instead of following one's true passions, using one's innate skills, mixing them together to solve important problems in the World (and get paid for it).

Humans are Trailblazers and Pioneers at the core, and yet the [western] world has become a boring place. Adventure is dead. Join KillingTheZombie's movement to bring Mankind's true nature back into our daily life, nurture happiness, and build the New Economy.
Lift-off somewhere in 2017...

We have interviewed amazing guests, but we still need to tweak the new website and put some icing on the cake... We launch next summer, bikini-style :-)
Can't wait to have you on board!

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